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The Secretariat

The Secretariat, housed at the World Bank, is led by Priya Basu, the Executive Head, and provides program management and administration services, including support to the Governing Board in the delivery of its responsibilities. The Secretariat manages day-to-day operations, prepares policies and procedures, and manages partner relations and stakeholder engagement. It is comprised of a small team of professional and administrative staff employed by the World Bank or seconded to the World Bank from the WHO.

Headshot of woman with brown, shoulder-length hair PRIYA BASU Executive Head Bio
ANITA ROZOWSKA ANITA ROZOWSKA Senior External Affairs Officer Bio
Woman with collar-bone length brown hair, looks into the camera Clarisse Veylon Hervet Senior Strategy Officer Bio
Woman with red/brown hair wearing hoop earrings, looks into the camera in front of a blue backgrop Dalia Samhouri Lead Health Specialist Bio
Photo of woman wearing a blazer, smiling while standing in front of the textured backdrop Eva Ros Guerrero Senior Partnership Specialist Bio
Headshot of a smiling woman with blonde hair, in a black blazer KATHERINE HUDAK Health Specialist Bio
Man wearing a gray suit stands in front of a brick wall Nicola Stellino Junior Professional Associate Bio
White man with short brown hair, wearing glasses and a gray suit, looks into the camera Nicolas Isla Senior Health Specialist Bio
Man wearing a tan shirt and brown striped tie, in front of a white background, looks directly into the camera Samuel Mills Technical Lead Bio
SELOMÉ PAULOS headshot SELOMÉ PAULOS Program Assistant Bio
Headshot of a woman with long brown hair, looking directly into the camera, wearing a white collared shirt Umesha de Silva Senior Partnerships Specialist Bio